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We are very excited to announce that Amazon Rain Chicken will be part of our pro staff. If you haven't watched their videos or want a good group of hunters to follow on social media go check them out!

Wild and Wonderful Outdoors was founded in January 2017 by Travis Welch, Todd Welch, and Kyle Ryder in order to promote the outdoor industry in the state of West Virginia. West Virginia is known for whitewater rafting on the New River and the Upper and Lower Gauley River but it is often overlooked when it comes to whitetail, black bear, and turkey hunting. West Virginia has the capabilities to grow Pope and Young or even Boone and Crockett whitetail bucks and black bears but it is hard due to the amount of hunting pressure that occurs all over the state. In order to fix young animals being shot, we are setting out with a couple goals. We want to teach hunters across the state about wildlife management, aging animals appropriately, and focusing on youth hunters getting involved in outdoors and seeing what it takes to grow trophy animals. Too many kids these days are inside watching tv, playing xbox, or on their ipads when they could be outside enjoying God’s creation. When these kids do go hunting, the first deer that walks by is the one they shoot. We want to teach these kids patience and self control so the younger animals can grow to maturity. Along with taking children in our community out into the woods, we are starting a chapter with the Special Needs Youth Sportman. This is an Ohio nonprofit organization that take special needs children or children with hard home lives into the outdoors to show them that somebody does care and to give them a few hours away from the stress of their daily lives. Also, we are going to be surprising our veterans from our church and local community and taking them out on whitetail and black bear hunts in order to show our appreciation for the sacrifices they made so we can hunt and fish. In all of this, we also want to show the beautiful creation God made in West Virginia and why we call it “Almost Heaven, West Virginia”. The beautiful mountain terrain, with lakes and rivers flowing throughout the state provides plenty of outdoor opportunities that are overlooked by so many.

Todd Welch
Kyle Ryder
Travis Welch


Hello everyone, I just want to take a minute and talk a little bit about Country Camo Outdoors and what we do. Country Camo Outdoors is a 501c3 organization that is nonprofit. The organization is made up of people from all walks of life. We have firefighters, Engineers, Nurses, business owners and Veterans as team members. We run a few events throughout the year with donations from our sponsors and other resources. Every member of this team is passionate about the outdoors and fair chase hunting. Everyone on this team volunteers their own time and resources to help heal veterans through the outdoors, get them outside and in nature, and to show people other ways to deal with issues they may have. We also have a women's and children's day, where we take women and children out in the outdoors, to teach them and maybe get them interested in the outdoors.

Armed Forces Outdoors is a club for service men and women and their supporters to come together and share the outdoors. We're doing all we can to create a family atmosphere where everyone can share their love of the outdoors. See it, film it, share it. We have an immense love and respect for the outdoors and those men and woman who continue to fight for our right to enjoy it. Wether it's catching a monster out of your favorite fishing spot, talking to some toms behind your favorite decoy, or our favorite, chasing some big Ohio whitetail. We want all of our members to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest and share that adventure. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram @armedforcesoutdoors. -Kyle B.

Kyle Brozak Blake Seeling

Wipe Em'Out Outdoors TV

Nick Lawrence

Derrick Estep

Hunter Gautier

Will cook

Join the good ole boys from back home as they chase after some of the biggest game on the East Coast. From whitetail deer hunting to largemouth bass fishing to trapping, Nick, Derrick, Hunter, and Will get it done. Unlike most shows, there are no "out-takes" because all of the bloopers are included. They're taking "reality TV" to a whole new level with this one!

Twin Factor TV

Chad and James Hampton


Description: A Passion for God and hunting: These two passions have shaped the lives of Pastors Chad and James Hampton. Teaching men and women principles from their nationally recognized book “Secrets of the Hunt” on how to ‘hunt’ for God like they hunt for animals is at the center of “Huntin the Truth Ministries” that was established in 2005. Chad and James travel across the United States and speak at seminars, wild game dinners, hunting camps, prayer breakfasts, youth events, and men’s ministry and outdoor events, along with preaching in churches. Being identical twins, Chad and James use a unique tag-team approach with a practical, engaging, and humorous presentation style that ministers to hunters and non-hunters alike and teaches the principles they have learned while hunting God and His plan for their lives, and the animals that they harvest.

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