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My daughter shot this nice 9 pt yesterday evening. First buck ever. We sprinkled that deer attractant and that buck ran 200 yards right at it in less than a minute - no lie. Later , a doe came out and did same thing and stopped 15 yards from it.... about 45 yards from me before she got spooked and walked into the woods. You got to wonder if there is something to his attractant? Thanks again for your hospitality and giving up pretty much your weekend. Had a blast”.

This product has been working so well for me , I had such a long time of no deer coming in on my food plots .. I used this product once and I had 6 deer come in and come back day after day ... the deer love the persimmon smell.

It’s an awesome product and it really works! It brings in the deer and can get that buck you’ve been after coming in everyday and could even change him to coming in during the daylight.

Great stuff killed my biggest buck while using this product can't wait to see how the deer in Florida react to it.

Got this nice buck on camera! He's been coming in right after dark, and he just came in and made four scrapes in the area! Thank you, Cannon's Creek Wildlife Attractant for a great product! Can't wait to put this guy on the ground!

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